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Facts & Figures

Ohio Hospitals Facts

In 2014, Ohio hospitals:

  • Had 32,572 beds.
  • Admitted 1,410,094 patients.
  • Delivered 131,378 babies.
  • Performed 371,986 inpatient and 833,156 outpatient surgeries.

Community Benefit (2013 data)

Ohio hospitals and health care systems are a strong foundation for Ohio communities providing a wide range of services to ensure the best quality care. With a mission of caring for sick and injured, regardless of their ability to pay, hospitals focus on preventative care to address future illness and improve quality of life by offering proactive efforts to advance health and wellness within our communities.

  • Community Benefit Activities: $1.54 Billion (hospital programs and activities focusing on community preventative care programming, medical research projects, physician training initiatives and community programs to care for those who cannot pay)
  • Charity Care: $1.03 Billion (charity care are services for which hospitals neither received, nor expected to receive, payment because they had determined, with the assistance of the patient, the patient’s inability to pay. Beneficiaries are either under-insured or uninsured.)

Economic Impact: $26.6 Billion

According to a 2013 report, Ohio hospitals generate more than $26.6 billion annually in economic activity and directly employ 247,633 Ohioans. Hospitals are the backbone of Ohio’s thriving health care sector, employing nearly 28 percent of Ohio’s health care workers and making up 34 percent of the annual payroll of the health care sector.
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