Ohio has one of the worst infant mortality rates in the nation, ranked 47th with a rate of 7.6 in 2012. Although many organizations have been working tirelessly to improve the statewide rate, Ohio continues to fall behind nationally. As leaders in our communities, hospitals are ideal partners to help address this issue in a coordinated and targeted way.

Earlier this year, the OHA Board of Trustees approved an aggressive, multi-strategy plan to work with hospitals and other organizations to reduce the infant mortality rate by five percent each year from 2014-2016, ultimately improving Ohio’s rate to 6.0 by 2020.

Many factors influence infant mortality, but in Ohio each year more than 150 incidents are sleep-related. The American Academy of Pediatrics and the Ohio Department of Health recommend that all infants sleep alone, on their backs and in a crib – every time they are placed to sleep – to reduce these unfortunate tragedies.

Safe Sleep is Good4Baby

Ohio’s hospitals have a unique opportunity to reach the parents of nearly 140,000 newborns every year with educational messages about the importance of providing a safe sleeping environment. The Ohio Hospital Association has launched this exciting statewide campaign to position hospitals as leaders and examples of safe sleep, educate parents and other caregivers and provide the necessary support to reverse this trend. 

About the Initiative

This initiative focuses on three specific focus areas:
  • Modeling safe sleep practices in the hospital;

  • Educating parents and families about safe sleep practices at home; and

  • Advocating and educating community members about the importance of safe sleep.

Read more about the hospital initiative.

How to Participate

Participating hospitals will receive access to online tools and resources, FREE take home kits for new moms and public recognition as a participating hospital.

Click here to learn more and to get started today!

Contact Stacey Conrad, Ohio Hospital Association, 614-221-7614 for more information.
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