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Member Data Center

Since 1979, OHA Data Services has been offering member hospitals information to support their decision-making needs. OHA receives data from member and non-member hospitals, within and outside of Ohio, relating to inpatient, outpatient, emergency department and skilled nursing facility care. The OHA Statewide Inpatient and Outpatient Databases rely on accurate and timely submission of inpatient and outpatient data from hospitals and health systems for release back to hospitals, as well as state and federal government agencies.

This data is used for:

  • OHA Insight – A web-based tool hospitals use to run customized and standard reports for Marketing, Physician Recruiting, Business Development and Benchmarking purposes.
  • Patient Origin Studies – Data files containing this data hospitals use for Marketing, Physician Recruiting, Business Development and Benchmarking purposes.
  • ODH Price Disclosure Reporting – Annual requirement for hospitals to report the Top 60 Inpatient DRGs and Top 60 Outpatient Procedures to the Ohio Department of Health.
  • Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project, or HCUP

Data Release Policy

Ohio Hospital Association data is proprietary to the hospitals participating in the OHA data program. OHA has entered into agreements with participating hospitals to protect the privacy of this data. Data can only be accessed, requested or received by an employee of a participating hospital. Any passwords issued by OHA to designated hospital employees for access to OHA’s data program are confidential and restricted to the use by those individuals only and cannot be given out or shared with other hospital employees or other third parties. 

If any hospital decides to share data with a third party, the hospital must enter in a HIPAA-compliant business associate agreement with the third party and have the third party sign a confidentiality agreement with OHA to ensure the ongoing security of the data. Third parties cannot have passwords allowing direct access to data on OHA’s Insight or DataTrack systems. 

OHA is not responsible for any unauthorized disclosure or security breach related to the data committed by the hospital or by a third party to whom the hospital disclosed the data. OHA Insight/Datatrack is HIPAA- and HITECH-compliant. Any protected health information transmitted outside of this system is encrypted by OHA and provided on a CD using PGP encryption software and is necessary to protect the security of the data and fulfill OHA’s obligations under HIPAA and HITECH.

Accessing the Data

If you are a participating hospital and would like how to learn how to gain access to the data through Insight or through other raw data files, please contact Amber Yors at or 614-221-7614.

If you would like to learn more about Insight click Here

If you are a hospital that is not currently participating in the database but would like to inquire about participation details,  please contact Amber Yors at or 614-221-7614.

Inpatient and Outpatient Database Definitions

OHA Statewide Inpatient Database

The OHA Statewide Inpatient Database is to include discharges from Acute Care, Newborns, Medical Rehabilitation, Skilled Nursing Care (including swing beds and designated units), Behavioral Health (including Psychiatric Care and Chemical Dependency Care). Hospitals should submit all inpatient visits based on discharge date.

The OHA Statewide Outpatient Database is to include all outpatient visits. Outpatient is defined as any patient visit that is not considered an inpatient.

Patient accounts that should be excluded are:

Reference labs – Include only those patients with a “face-to-face encounter” in the hospital between the patient and the hospital personnel. (For example, a claim should be excluded if a patient’s specimen presents for analysis but the patient did not.)

Data Submission

If you are a participating hospital and would like more information on how to submit data to OHA, please see our DataTrack page by clicking here.

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