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Commercial Payers

Policy and Financial Analysis to Support OHA Members

OHA's policy work with Ohio’s private health insurance companies focuses on payers’ impact on our member hospitals. OHA's team works to reduce the administrative burden on member hospitals that provide care to the Ohioans with health care coverage through private insurance plans, which are the payer in 37% of 2022 hospital encounters. Through the OHA Payer Scorecard program, we provide members with data for financial planning and decision making in their payer relationships. 

OHA Private Payer Scorecard Project

Twice each year, OHA reaches out to member hospitals to collect payer performance data specific to each member organization. The data is used in aggregate form to:

  • Enhance OHA’s advocacy efforts by providing measurable data that will demonstrate the burden hospitals endure in their relations with the payers
  • Provide data back to participating members allowing them to benchmark their organization’s experience with a payer to facilitate any internal process improvements and to identify opportunities for outreach to payers to resolve issues.
Read more about the OHA Payer Scorecard here.

Payer Information for Members

Our member hospitals need the most current information from Ohio's payers to efficiently process prior authorizations and billing for health care consumers across the state.

OHA's Health Economics & Policy team analyzes the reimbursement policies and claims processing of health insurers operating in Ohio and aggregates a quick-reference resource for our members.

We summarize payer updates and provide links to reference materials, by payer, here.

Pilot Projects: Collaborations to Improve Health Care Delivery and Outcomes for Ohioans

OHA's Health Economics & Policy team works with member hospitals and insurers to launch pilot projects that aim to improve health outcomes for patients while reducing the administrative burden on hospitals to process the claims or authorizations.

We value our members' and payers' creative thoughts and suggestions on potential pilot projects. Have an idea to share? Contact Andy Sturgess-White.