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Member Services

OHA's member services team is committed to collaborating, developing and offering quality programs and services to its membership. Every year OHA members are offered educational programs including conferences, seminars, webinars and workshops on a wide range of health care and hospital topics. Additionally, OHA offers a annual meeting event that allows OHA members and corporate partners to gain insight into the trends and topics of health care.

Membership Communities

OHA supports seven personal membership groups  (societies) consisting of 1,900 hospital associates by hosting one or two annual conferences for each group andproviding site location for meetings. Learn more.

Corporate Partners and Sponsors

Corporations play a vital role in the success of hospitals, bringing them cutting edge technology, ensuring resource availability and helping them improve the care they provide to their patients.

The OHA Corporate Partner Program:
  • Helps align common needs for the most successful health service delivery
  • Provides an opportunity for OHA members to identify and evaluate potential suppliers and consultants
  • Allows partners to distinguish their organizations with OHA hospital members
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