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Contract Services for Members

OHA works with national and international technology firms to assess new tools and applications applicable to the work of our member hospitals. We negotiate member-only contract rates for relevant technology services and engage our members in the research and development process for promising new tools.


OHA partners with Bluemark to provide member pricing for a suite of financial management solutions for health care professionals.

MAPs allows providers to quickly and accurately assess and enroll uninsured individuals for Medicaid, financial assistance and health insurace through the exchanges.

MAPS helps clients:

  • Maximize revenue by identifying appropriate program coverage
  • Reduce overall enrollment cycle-time, accelerating reimbursement
  • Increase productivity with automation, document control and accountability
  • Track account status and ensure compliance


Blueway Tracker provides the necessary tools to assist providers in efficiently managing and responding to Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurance audits. Blueway Tracker has the ability to use and connect data across the enterprise to further drive efficiency and productivity.

This tool can be up and running in as little as 60 days. The cloud based solution is delivered on a secure platform and is scalable to meet the audit needs of providers of all types and sizes.

Blueway Tracker helps clients:

  • Protect Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurance reimbursement dollars
  • Ensure compliance in response to time sensitive deadlines
  • Automate the audit appeal process freeing staff to focus on more value added tasks
  • Measure the true impact of audits with extensive real-time reporting


Blueway Portal is a secure web-based tool that enables providers to achieve efficiencies through the esMD electronic document submission program. With Blueway Portal, providers can immediately begin taking advantage of electronic document submission options for many types of records requests and for all types of contractors.

This includes the electronic submission of Discussion Letters, as well as Level 1 and Level 2 Appeals. The esMD process is the preferred method to receive documents by the audit contractors as compared to faxes or standard mail.

Blueway Portal helps providers:

  • Achieve faster turnaround times for payments
  • Reduce audit response labor and hard costs
  • Gain the peace of mind associated with a secure platform and transparent process

For information on financial solutions, contact Quyen Weaver.