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Annual Meeting Evaluations

Evaluations for all educational sessions offered at the 2019 OHA Annual Meeting are closed.

To receive Continuing Education credits for specific session, attendees must:

  • Meet the attendance requirement time
  • Complete the corresponding evaluation for each session to receive that certifcate

CE certificates will be sent via email with threee weeks of when the evaluation was submitted.

Questions? Contact Casey Strader by email or call 614-384-9133.

2019 Annual Meeting Session Evaluations - Monday Sessions

Monday, June 3 - Data and Technology
Session# Session Title
1 Using Data to Manage Providers and Patients in Our Communities Amidst the Opioid Crisis
2 Preventing Hospital Readmissions Using Data Modeling and Predictive Analytics
3 Attitudes and Beliefs of RNs About Changing to an Electronic Medical Record
4 Understanding and Assessing Third-Party Risk

Monday, June 3 - Finance
Session# Session Title
21 2019 HCAP Update
22 EAPGs: A Two-Year Journey & A Look Ahead
23 Ohio Medicare MAC:CGS Region 15 Update
24 Understanding Medicaid Episode-Based Payments                        

Monday, June 3 - Hospital Leadership
Session# Session Title
9 Using the Kano Model to Improve Patient Satisfaction
10 Quality Structures and Governance: A Health System Approach       
11 Using Emotional Intelligence for Work Success
12 The Art of Assertive Communication

Monday, June 3 - Legal and Compliance
Session# Session Title
13 Complex Data Sharing Arrangements: Regulatory, Technological and Business Challenges
14 Hospital Procurement Contracting: Legal Considerations and Lessons Learned
15 Undergoing and Responding to ODH Maternity License Surveys
16 Weed Woes: How is Your Hospital Dealing with Medical Marijuana?

Monday June 3 - Nursing Leadership
Session# Session Title
17 Enable Yourself to Respond to Workplace Violence Options When De-escalation Doesn't Work
18 How to Attract, Recruit and Retain Great Employees
19 Workplace Safety – The Journey to Ensure a Safety Culture
20 Hospital Improvement Innovation Network: Results of a Focused Worker Safety Effort

Monday June 3 - Opioid Crisis
Session# Session Title
5 Ready, Set, PAUSE
6 Facing the Opioid Crisis as Together: NEO Hospital Opioid Consortium
7 Joey's Story: A Son Lost to Addiction, How Does That Happen?
8 When Pregnant Women Use Opioids: How Can We Help Them and What Effects Does It Have on Their Children?

Monday June 3 - Physician Leadership
Session# Session Title
25 How to Create a World Class Health Organization
26 Organizational Crisis: Managing Through a New Year's Eve Nightmare
27 Getting Physician/Nurse Communication Right: Interventions to Create the Ideal Health Care Team
28 Mitigating Physician Burnout

Monday June 3 - Physician Relations/Recruitment
Session# Session Title
29 Navigating the Minefields of Foreign Physician Recruitment 
30 Physician Manpower Planning in the Age of Employment
31 Operational Governance: It's a Journey–Not a Destination
32 How to Build a Cultural Blueprint for Successful Physician Recruitment and Retention

Monday June 3 - Population Health
Session# Session Topic
37 How Empathy Can Lead to Creativity in Managing Chronic Health Conditions
38 Implementing a High Risk Breast Cancer Program
39 Maximizing Opportunities for Health Care Organizations to Understand & Advance Health Equity
40 Disconnection of Connected Care
Monday June 3 - Public Relations
Session# Session Title
33 Yes, Your Hospital Can Create a Podcast. We Know; We Did It
34 Crisis Communications: An Integrated Approach
35 Digital Transformation for Public Relations 
36 Leading with Mission: How Consumer Brands Stand Out

2019 Annual Meeting Session Evaluations - Tuesday Sessions

Tuesday June 4 - Disruption
Session# Session Title
41 Market Disruptors in the Health Care Space
42 Consumerism Driving Change in the Physician Practice Setting
43 Crypto-Medicine: Assessing Blockchain Opportunities and Challenges in Health Care
44 Easing the Financial Burden as Health Care Moves From Inpatient to Outpatient Care

Tuesday June 4 - Facilities Management & Sustainability
Session# Session Title
45 Stumble Forward: How Southern Ohio Medical Center became an ENERGY STAR Hospital
46 How to Meet State Regulations When Choosing Secondary Disinfection of Drinking Water
47 OHA Energy Cup Champions Panel
48 Property Accessed Clean Energy

Tuesday June 4 - Finance
Session# Session Title
49 Smart Risk Through a Collaborative ACO
50 Achieving Success in Bundled Payment Models
51 The Importance of Establishing a Pharmacy Revenue Integrity Program 
52 Investing with Impact: Navigating the Responsible Investing Landscape

Tuesday June 4 - Hospital Leadership
Session# Session Topic
53 Maximizing the Value of Your Employed Physician Network
54 Update on the Affordable Care Act 
55 Dynamics of Physician Reimbursement and Compensation
56 Mount Carmel West Transformation
Tuesday June 4 - Legal and Compliance
Session# Session Title
57 Property Tax Exemption and Valuation for Hospitals
58 Maintaining an Effective Corporate Compliance Program
59 #MeToo and Your Medical Staff: Handling Allegations of Misconduct 
60 Recent Stark Law Changes to Reduce Burden and Encourage Alternative Payment Models
Tuesday June 4 - Nursing Leadership
Session# Session Title
61 De-escalation: Strategies for a Peaceful Outcome
62 Beyond the Paycheck: The Rewards of Recognition
63 Leading Change and Creating a Resilient Team 
64 Achieving 13 Years of Excellent Patient Satisfaction: The MCNA Exquisite Experience Journey
Tuesday June 4 - Physician Leadership
Session# Session Title
69 Diagnosis Safety Between Uncertainty and Defensive Medicine
70 Evolving Physician Compensation Approaches: Team-Based Models, Value-Based Compensation and More
71 Millennial Multiplier: How to Recruit, Engage, and Retain this Burgeoning Physician Population
72 Emergency Department Culture: How to Align your ED Culture with Hospital Goals
Tuesday June 4 - Quality and Patient Safety
Session# Session Title
77 Creating a Culture of Staff Safety Through the Adoption of Staff Safety Behaviors
78 Lean Healthcare Transformation at Mount Carmel Health System
79 Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast: Six Culture-Enhancing Skills for Healthcare Leaders
Tuesday June 4 - Risk Management
Session# Session Topic
73 Patient Privacy and Security in the Hospitals - Compliance Hot Topics
74 The Diagnostic Dilemma: Where Does Responsibility Lie?
75 Counsel’s Advice: 10 Words to Remove from Your Vocabulary
76 Preparation and Pitfalls for a Fair Hearing
Tuesday June 4 - Workforce
Session# Session Topic
65 TCJA’s Excise Tax on Non-Profit Executive Compensation
66 Leading, Managing, Understanding Millennials and Gen Z 
67 Capturing Your Team's Actions and Words to Achieve an Exceptional Experience Culture
68 Revisiting #MeToo Movement's Impact on Hospitals