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Facilities Managers-OSHFM

The overarching goal of the Ohio Society for Health Care Facilities Management, or OSHFM, is to improve the quality of patient care and comfort — by advancing the development of hospital engineering, security and safety.

OSHFM provides education, regulatory guidance, networking and advocacy representation for health care facility managers, engineers, architects, constructors and many others involved with maintaining safe healing environments.

Become a Member of the Ohio Society of Health Care Facilities Management

Employees and representatives of OHA member hospitals and OHA corporate partners with responsibilities pertaining to health care facilities management, plant engineering, construction, security, safety, clinical engineering or telecommunications are eligible to join.
Complete the OSHFM membership application.

Benefits of Membership

  • Business contacts that can result in new business opportunities
  • Special access to new programs
  • OHA’s educational events
  • Continuing education credits for approved educational programs
  • Reduced registration fees to OSHFM education programs
  • Subscriptions to various OSHFM and OHA newsletters
  • Annual membership roster – a useful resource to contact your peers
  • Networking events with like-minded professionals within your field to exchange valuable information
  • Leadership opportunities

Get Involved

Registration is open for the 2021 OSHFM Virtual Annual Conference:

Oct. 29
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OSHFM Roster

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