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Health Care Risk Managers-OSHRM

The Ohio Society of Health Care Risk Managers, or OSHRM, is a focused forum that allows health care risk managers to benefit from targeted networking and educational opportunities. OSHRM advances the development of risk management, which protects human and financial assets, in a manner consistent with compassionate, cost-effective health care.

Purpose & Objectives

The purpose of OSHRM is to advance the development of health care risk management in Ohio through accomplishment of the following objectives: 
  • To serve as a professional society allowing individuals to develop a network of health care risk managers that will promote information exchange and problem solving. 
  • To provide education and resources to health care risk managers. 
  • To serve as a state chapter of the American Society for Healthcare Risk Management. 
  • To advance the concept of risk management in health care institutions in other ways as deemed beneficial by OSHRM membership. 

Membership Eligibility & Application

To qualify as an active OSHRM member, one must:
  • Be an employee of an Ohio hospital or health care system that is an organizational member of the OHA; or be an employee of an OHA Corporate Partner member.
  • Perform risk management activities as an employee of an OHA member organization, or represent health care risk management interests as legal counsel for an OHA member organization.
To join OSHRM, complete the society membership application online.*
NOTE: Login to the OHA website is required before completing the application. If you do not have an existing OHA login, click on "Register for an Account" to create one.

Membership in OSHRM is effective upon formal application and approval of OHA.

Benefits of Membership

  • Personal member of OHA
  • Participation in OHA Annual Meeting and OSHRM bi-annual conferences
  • Educational programs - The society periodically sponsors other educational programs related to practices and processes of risk management.
  • Awards - Risk Management Achievement awards are presented periodically. 

Get Involved

OSHRM-SOHA Spring Conference
March 29, 2024
The Blackwell Inn, Columbus

OSHRM-SOHA Fall Conference
Sept. 27, 2024
The Blackwell Inn, Columbus

Connect Online:

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Society Members

If you would like to receive the OSHRM membership roster, please contact Jackie Silvis. You must be an OSHRM member to receive the roster. 

Society Leadership

If you are an OSHRM board member and need any board meeting materials, please contact Jackie Silvis.