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Whether it’s the RAC, the MAC, the MIC or any other 3rd party audit review, TRACKer™Pro will guide the way.

To meet the growing need of health care providers to manage external auditing of health care claims, the Ohio Hospital Association has teamed up with GNYHA Ventures, Inc.* and its technology partner Bluemark to offer TRACKerTM PRO, a dynamic Web-based method to effectively manage the time-sensitive and complex workflow and documentation requirements needed to satisfy third-party payer audit activity.  Initially designed to manage audits resulting from Medicare’s Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) demonstration program that began in 2005, TRACKerTM PRO was expanded to handle audits from Medicare fee-for-service contractors, Medicaid, and other third-party insurers.

TRACKerTM PRO is used by over 300 providers nationwide including a larger number of Ohio facilities to manage audit record requests, process determination letters, image documentation, navigate the multi-tiered rebuttal and appeal process, and report on all process and financial activity associated with these audits.

TRACKer™ PRO features

The Platform:
• Secure ASP-based delivery model allows for rapid deployment
• A fully vetted technology platform with an easy to navigate user interface
• User-based security model

Case Management Functionality:
• Sophisticated workflows to provide accessibility to all departments involved in the process
• Assignment tracking lists to manage key audit activity
• Case prioritization, critical alerts and reminders to ensure cases are managed within appropriate timeframes
• Tracks the status of all audit requests, denials, rebuttals and appeals throughout the appeal process
• User-defined toolset for maximum flexibility and usability so that audit review types can be customized to suit a wide spectrum of workflows and site configurations
• Comprehensive audit view dashboard provides a high-level organizational tool of claim data aggregated based on audit encounter
• Sophisticated batch functions to improve process flows and expedite data entry tasks for claims within an audit encounter

Document Management and Imaging:
• Fully integrated imaging suite and document repository allows images to be acquired via scanner or direct file upload for all audit correspondence and documentation
• Maintains an easily accessible audit trail for all documentation
• Real-time financial and activity-status reporting
• Dynamic and customizable reporting capability with a detailed graphical reporting package
• Multi-facility tracking for health systems


• Web-based solution for total compliance program management
• Improve management of A/R and cash flow impact of all audits
• Aggregate the detailed information to provide analysis and understanding of the financial impact of a hospital’s audits
• Enhance the claims process and minimize impact of future audits
• Ensure timely responses
• Reduce manual processing and data entry
• Provide detailed reporting and tracking at all levels of the audit process
• Immediate access to critical data and stored documents
• Detect, analyze, and report trends
• American Hospital Association (AHA) RACTrac compatible
• Executive Health Resources (EHR) Accredited

To get more information or schedule an individual demo for your facility, please contact Amber Yors of the Ohio Hospital Association at or 614-221-7614


*GNYHA Ventures, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Greater New York Hospital Association

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