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Workers' Comp Service Header

Workers' Comp Service Header

The OHA Safety Leadership Council developed the OHA Workers’ Compensation Benchmarking Service to promote best practices for employee safety management and assist hospitals in evaluating safety performance.

Our service has helped numerous hospitals focus on worker safety by examining the costs and volumes of claims and comparing their data to other hospitals participating in the service. 

Download the 2018 Enrollment Flier.

Service Features

  • Five-year evaluation of workplace injury rates and costs
  • Anonymously compare data to other Ohio hospitals
  • Comprehensive report of benchmarking study’s findings
  • One-on-one web-based consultation
  • Annual workshops on the latest injury prevention strategies
  • Review of benchmarking results and discussion of safety management best practices.
  • Eligibility for the William C. Kelly Safety Leadership Award, OHA’s top honor for employee safety.
  • Benchmarking service is administered by RiskControl360°

"It was an honor for ProMedica Bay Park Hospital to receive the William C. Kelley Award. A proactive approach toward injury prevention has led to a reduction in injuries and has advanced our culture of safety in the workplace. The benchmark reports allow us to trend frequency and severity rates in comparison to other Ohio organizations which validates the effectiveness of our programs and the safety-minded engagement of our employees."

- Arturo Polizzi, President, ProMedica Metro Region 


January 2018 – June 2018
  • 2018 Enrollment
  • Data templates sent by RiskControl360°
  • Data submission by participating hospitals
  • Data analysis by RiskControl360°
July 2018
  • OHA Benchmarking reports issued to participants
  • One-on-one web-based consultations to understand and apply your data
September 2018
  • 2018 OHA Benchmarking Workshop about the latest injury prevention strategies


The OHA Workers' Compensation Benchmarking Service is available to all OHA member hospitals. Those interested in enrolling should contact Marcia Dennis at RiskControl360° for more information.

Upon signing a service agreement, hospitals can begin uploading injury data with the help of RiskControl 360° through a secure OHA website. Hospitals will receive a unique user name and password to ensure security and confidentiality.


Participants will be able to attend a half-day workshop, to give members the opportunity to understand and evaluate their benchmarking results, as well as develop business plans for improving safety and controlling the costs of workers’ compensation. 

One Flat Fee

All services are available to OHA member hospitals for a plat fee of $300 per facility for new members and $250 per facility for renewing members.


For questions about the service, contact:

Marcia Dennis

Courtney Ulrich

Mike Lorms
Senior Product Line Manager, RiskControl360°

Sharon Corkrean
Administrative Assistant
Ohio Hospital Association
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