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Health Care is Safe in Ohio

Ohio Providers Launch Campaign Touting the Safety of Health Care

Ohio’s leading health care organizations are assuring Ohioans it is safe to see your doctor or visit a hospital to seek medical care and attention.

Health Care is Safe in Ohio is a new public awareness campaign launched May 20 by OHA, the Ohio State Medical Association and Ohio Children’s Hospital Association. The campaign, which features public service announcements and social media efforts, was initiated to address a distressing decline in non-COVID-19 doctor’s appointments and hospital care, and encourage patients to get the care they need. 

Click here to view press release (PDF format).


Join the Ohio Hospital Association, Ohio Children's Hospital Association and Ohio State Medical Association to amplify and promote these important messages. We know your communities value you as a trusted and reliable resource for health information and we encourage you to share these videos on your social media networks. 

To access the campaign's creatives including social media templates, news release template, videos and audio/radio spots, see below: The campaign videos are available here (YouTube):

Video - Your Health Matters

It’s safe for you to visit your doctor or your hospital. Make an appointment today or seek urgent care when you need it. Your health matters.


Video - Health Care is Safe

Ohio’s health care providers have always treated people who are sick and ensured the wellness of those who are not in safe and appropriate care settings. 

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