Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland Clinic Fairview Hospital, Nationwide Children's Hospital Receive Ohio Patient Safety Awards

Today, Cleveland Clinic (Cleveland), Cleveland Clinic Fairview Hospital (Cleveland) and Nationwide Children’s Hospital (Columbus) earned the Ohio Patient Safety Institute’s Dr. Frank Dono Best Practice award during OHA’s Annual Meeting Quality Summit. The summit was attended by leaders and clinical experts from Ohio hospitals who gathered to participate in continuing education sessions.
Cleveland Clinic received the OPSI Acute Care Best Practice Award for its development of a new discharge checklist. The project’s goal was to achieve a 100 percent completion rate on all discharge medication reconciliations and discharge summaries prior to a patient leaving the hospital. This transition checklist equips patients with the complete story (medication list and discharge summary) to assist the post-discharge providers. A multifaceted team of clinical professionals at the hospital were assembled to devise a new approach to patient engagement and education. Prior to the start of this project the discharge medication reconciliation for the hospital discharges was roughly around 88 percent completion. After deploying the new checklist and within a month the hospital achieved a 98.7 percent completion rate.  

Cleveland Clinic Fairview Hospital earned the OPSI Patient Engagement Best Practice Award for reducing opiate use in post-operative cesarean section patients. A new protocol was established in the mother-baby unit encouraging adherence to routine medication schedules and by supporting non-narcotic options resulting in the hospital reducing the average morphine equivalent dosage in the first 24 hours post-cesarean from 19.5 to 6.45 hours. This improvement was achieved during an 8-month period. A team of nurses and leadership convened routinely to reinforce the use of scheduled medications and to emphasize the use of the order set. 

Nationwide Children’s Hospital is the OPSI Primary Care Best Practice Award winner for its assignment of primary care providers in a pediatric Medicaid population. Through research and data analysis Nationwide Children’s Hospital established better walk-in clinic hours at several locations, improved the text messaging alerts and scheduling practice, increased access and improved scheduling for all of the involved providers, as well as worked with managed care plans to coordinate better logistics to reduce no-show rates due to transportation issue.

The OPSI Best Practice Awards are presented annually to Ohio health care providers that display excellence in the following areas:
  • Improving patient safety
  • Developing innovative programs to improve patient safety
  • Creating best practices that other Ohio health care providers can adopt/adapt
  • Developing a culture of collaboration that improves patient safety

The OPSI Awards are named in honor of Frank Dono, DO, a long-time leader and pioneer of patient safety and quality. Throughout his 50 years as a health care professional, Dono was a pioneer in the cause for patient safety, and his leadership was instrumental in helping develop strong safety standards and practices in health care. He was passionate about patient safety across the continuum of care. He had been one of the key OPSI board members since its inception and contributed to helping the organization with many successful projects.

OPSI proudly supports national Patient Safety Awareness Week to promote and disseminate strategies to ensure patient safety. OPSI is committed to providing education and resources to promote patient safety information and develop programs for hospital and provider safety, including medication safety, surgical and procedural safety, infection prevention, safety culture and best practices.

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About OPSI:
Founded in 2009, the Ohio Patient Safety Institute (OPSI) is an organization dedicated to improving patient safety in Ohio. The Institute is a subsidiary of the Ohio Health Council, which was founded by the Ohio Hospital Association, the Ohio State Medical Association and the Ohio Osteopathic Association. Through this collaboration and common effort, OPSI has the ability to work with hospitals and physicians in Ohio to improve patient safety for all Ohioans.