Hospital PPE Readiness Stockpile To Support Congregate Facilities, Assure Statewide Readiness for Any COVID-19 Surge

COLUMBUS (43215) – The Ohio Hospital Association and the state of Ohio today announced deployment of the statewide Hospital PPE Readiness Stockpile to ensure a reliable supply of personal protective equipment to meet the needs of COVID-19 patients and health care workers where the needs are greatest, particularly in congregate care facilities and hospitals, consistent with the latest health order and the Responsible RestartOhio: A Guide for Health Care.

OHA’s 182 acute care member hospitals are building a reserve of PPE inventory designated for use by long-term care facilities and hospitals in their local communities in addition to the inventory needed for their own use. A statewide PPE surge target was calculated, and minimum and maximum inventory figures were allocated to each hospital based on its size. The statewide target number was calculated using the state’s surge models, with assumptions for nursing home cases as a percentage of total, the number of residents and staff at Ohio nursing homes and recent Federal Emergency Management Agency PPE allocations to each Ohio nursing home.

“In the early days of the COVID-19 crisis, Ohio hospitals responded by designating a clinical leader to collaborate with nursing facilities within their communities on PPE, staffing, infection control protocols and other needs created by the pandemic,” said Mike Abrams, OHA president and CEO. “We thank our members for stepping up to the challenge outside their hospitals to serve their local communities. This collaboration enables nursing facility residents to receive the most appropriate level of care, following CDC guidance, in the familiar environment that is their home.”

This effort was developed in coordination with the Ohio departments of Medicaid, Health and Public Safety. Hospitals will track and report PPE inventory daily via the OHA Resource Tracker confirming that the hospital has the target stockpile on hand. 

“I commend the Ohio Hospital Association, Ohio's hospitals, and our state agencies for coming together to support Ohio's nursing homes," said Gov. Mike DeWine. "Through this stockpile, we are ensuring that PPE is on-hand to get where it's needed quickly, helping to protect our most vulnerable residents, and those who care for them."