Ohio Hospitals, Health Systems Receive Annual Patient Safety Awards

In recognition of National Patient Safety Awareness Week (March 13-19), the Ohio Patient Safety Institute announced the honorees of this year’s annual patient safety awards including:

Acute Care Best Practice Award: Memorial Health System (Marietta). Established a committee of clinical and administrative leaders to create a program to address workplace violence resulting in a 25% decrease in the number of reported employee assaults.

Ambulatory Best Practice Award: Licking Memorial Health System (Newark). Clinical team designed a genetics program to screen high-risk patients in order to identify and treat cancers early.  

Preventative Care Best Practice Award: The MetroHealth System (Cleveland). Developed and implemented initiative focusing on improving lead screening rates for the pediatric population at their hospital. 

Patient Engagement Best Practice Award: University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center (Cleveland). Clinical quality teams implemented an initiative focusing on a broad use of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery program resulting in improved patient outcomes. 

The OPSI Best Practice Awards are presented annually to Ohio health care providers that demonstrate excellence in patient safety, innovative programs, effective practices and a culture of collaboration. OPSI proudly supports national Patient Safety Awareness Week to promote and disseminate strategies to ensure patient safety. OPSI is committed to providing education and resources to promote patient safety information and develop programs for hospital and provider safety, including medication safety, surgical and procedural safety, infection prevention, safety culture and best practices. 

About OPSI: 
Founded in 2001, the Ohio Patient Safety Institute is an organization dedicated to improving patient safety in Ohio. The Institute is a subsidiary of the Ohio Health Council, which was founded by the Ohio Hospital Association, the Ohio State Medical Association, and the Ohio Osteopathic Association. Through this collaboration and common effort, OPSI has the ability to work with hospitals and physicians in Ohio to improve patient safety for all Ohioans.