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Ohio Hospitals Value Proposition Campaign


OHA has created toolkits for our member hospitals to share the value messages of the Ohio hospital community in their local and regional outreach. Ohio hospitals are cornerstones of the communities they serve. The toolkits are produced monthly by OHA and focus on each of the six value statements. 

Ohio Hospitals' Value to the Communities Served

Ohio hospitals focus on patient education and engagement to make our communities healthier, safer and more productive.

OHA and our member hospitals collaborate to support communities by:

  • Providing high-quality and compassionate care
  • Improving health outcomes
  • Ensuring access to affordable care
  • Advancing health education and research
  • Responding to community-specific needs
  • Creating and sustaining jobs

Toolkit #1 Creating and Sustaining Jobs

Ohio hospitals employed 251,200 Ohioians, paid $19.9 billion in direct wages and collected $628 million in state income taxes for direct employees in the 12 months ending May 2021. Hospitals indirectly supported another 289,000 jobs in our state.

Access the full economic impact report with regional employment and impact figures here.
Access the social media toolkit, which includes gif images, here.

Toolkit #2 Providing High-Quality and Compassionate Care

Ohio hospitals are providing high quality and compassionate care to patients across the state every day. Patients had 31.4 million encounters at Ohio hospitals in 2020. Of those, 25.6 million were outpatient, 1.4 million inpatient and 4.3 million Emergency Room treated and released encounters.

Access the talking points here.
Access the social media toolkit here.

Toolkit #3 Advancing Health Education and Research

Ohio Hospitals are advancing health education and research through innovative programs and a culture of communication. Patients come to Ohio for care from all 50 states and more than 150 countries around the world for the research and innovation of Ohio hospitals.

Access the talking points here.
Access the social media toolkit here.