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Workforce Resources

The Ohio Hospital Association, in collaboration with the workforce taskforce comprising of members from across Ohio, has developed a comprehensive toolkit designed to empower and bolster hospital workforce resources aimed at fortifying your recruitment endeavors and fostering statewide awareness about the array of career opportunities within Ohio's hospitals. The toolkit provides a wealth of resources, housed under @HealthCareers101 across major social media platforms and seamlessly integrated into OHA's channels. 



The HealthCareers101 toolkit includes diverse creative elements, from engaging videos to adaptable materials, curated for your hospitals. 
  • Download the toolkit here.
  • View an overview of the toolkit here.  
Whether seeking to amplify your existing channels or explore new avenues, these tools are tailored to suit your organization's unique needs. Production assistance is available to easily adopt and utilize these valuable resources. Contact Bailey Antonelli-Galizio for assistance. 



The toolkit includes a range of videos that can be utilized for Reels, TikTok and Facebook. Click here to view and download the videos to share on your channel. 

Additionally, storyboards have also been developed for you and your team to create your own videos featuring employees at your facility.
  • View an overview of TikTok and Instagram reels here