107th OHA Annual Meeting Featured 74 Educational Sessions, Statewide Award Recognitions

This week OHA celebrated our 107th annual gathering of members. Over 1,300 members, presenters and leaders of OHA’s boards, committees and professional societies attended the three-day event. The meeting, with the theme Strengthening our Connections, featured 74 educational sessions, leading keynote speakers and several statewide awards ceremonies. Read more in the recap below and check out OHA's Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn feeds for more from the event.


Keynote Address:
The OHA annual meeting returned from its pandemic hiatus with the start of educational sessions. Thought leader Ryan Donohue's keynote address focused on his extensive research on the effects of consumerism on the U.S. health care industry and was the highlight of the first day.


Keynote Address:
Author and former Navy SEAL Alden Mills' keynote address discussing how unstoppable leadership can lead to personal and organizational success kicked off the start of conference’s second day.

Energy & Sustainability Luncheon:
OHA's Energy & Sustainability Program recognition event featured David Phillips, CEO, WVU Barnesville and Harrison Community Hospitals, for a fireside chat to discuss the efforts he has taken to cultivate a culture of collaboration to further their energy and sustainability. Member hospitals were also honored with OHA’s Environmental Sustainability Awards.

OHA Celebration Dinner:
Social entrepreneur and Hot Chicken Takeover founder Joe DeLoss keynoted the OHA Celebration Dinner with his perspective on hiring people with “alternative resumes” and the benefits to business and the community. The night ended with the association's annual leadership awards being given to the winners listed below. Learn more about their accomplishments here.
  • OHA Health Care Hall of Fame: Charles F. Kettering
  • OHA Health Care Hall of Fame: Richard "Rick" Vincent
  • Donald R. Newkirk Award: Ed Roth
  • James R. Castle Distinguished Service Award: Michael Fisher
  • Dr. Eli Crew Community Service Excellence Award: Ohio National Guard


OHA Board of Trustees: 
Bruce Vanderhoff, MD, director of the Ohio Department of Health, met with OHA's Board of Trustees to discuss issues important to the Ohio hospital community, including hospital licensure and ODH’s collaborations with hospitals on COVID and a redoubled focus on infant and maternal health.

Opioid Stewardship Summit:
Chair-elect of the American College of Healthcare Executives, Delvecchio S. Finley, welcomed new fellows at a breakfast before Wednesday's Opioid Stewardship Summit. The summit featured poster sessions and three panels of leading experts on hospitals’ implementation of programs to steward the use of opioids.