COVID Vaccine Update: Governor Announces 2 New Initiatives

Gov. Mike DeWine yesterday announced every college student in Ohio who wants the vaccine will be able to get the single-dose J&J vaccine on campus, beginning next week. The governor says the goal is to vaccinate students on campus before they scatter for the summer in early May. The effort will include public and private schools.

Beginning April 12, vaccine providers can direct up to 25% of their weekly allocation to vaccinate their own employees or to partner with local employers, labor unions, and other organizations to vaccinate their employees at their work locations. Providers with a confirmed outreach plan can apply for an expansion of the 25% number.

The governor also announced yesterday that the state will begin shipping more doses to higher demand areas of the state. Until this week, the state has largely allocated shipments to each county based on population. Click here to view vaccine resources and to schedule an appointment.