Cleveland Clinic Recognized with State’s Highest Environmental Stewardship Award

Cleveland Clinic has been recognized by the Ohio EPA for its excellence in environmental stewardship, receiving the Platinum Environmental Stewardship Award, the Ohio EPA's highest award available for environmental excellence.

Cleveland Clinic, recognized in 2018 with OHA’s John Chapman Award, for its work around energy efficiency, recycling, green infrastructure and community environmental work. Ohio EPA’s Encouraging Environmental Excellence, or E3, program recognizes businesses and other organizations for completing environmentally beneficial activities and serves as an incentive for organizations to commit to ongoing environmental stewardship. To earn the platinum award, a business or organization must expand its environmental program beyond its facilities and demonstrate how its environmental stewardship efforts benefit the local community, region or larger geographic area.

Cleveland Clinic is an active member in the OHA Energy & Sustainability Program, serving on the Environmental Leadership Council. If other members are interested in participating, contact Nolan Rutschilling.