DP&L, AEP Members Eligible to Receive Enhanced Rebates on Energy Efficient Equipment

OHA members in Dayton Power & Light’s territory have the opportunity in December to receive further energy savings through an enhanced rebate above the normal incentive for qualifying equipment (LED lighting, Variable Frequency Drives and some HVAC equipment) through DP&L’s “Instant Discounts on Efficient Products” Program. After purchasing equipment at a qualified distributor, members will receive an incentive check on top of the initial discount provided at the point of purchase. Click here for DP&L’s website to find distributors.

AEP Ohio also offers enhanced “bonus” rebates for hospitals that purchase from the “INCENTIVE NOW” Program, beginning immediately. A wide variety of products in the Lighting, HVAC, Refrigeration, Food Service and miscellaneous categories are eligible for point-of-purchase incentives through AEP Ohio's approved distributors. No application is necessary—the incentives are automatically deducted from the purchase price. Click here to learn more about AEP Ohio’s INCENTIVENOW Program. Read more