Join OHA's Workplace Safety Campaign Today

Enrollment is now open for OHA’s Safety Campaign that promotes workplace safety by generating comparable employee injury data for hospitals throughout the state so members can learn from peer facilities and by recognizing successful hospital occupational safety programs. Created in 1953, the campaign is based on data acquired from each hospital’s OSHA 300A Summary Report or, for government-owned hospitals, the form issued by the Ohio Public Employment Risk Reduction Program, or PERRP.

Participating hospitals are classified into one of six groups based on a range of total hours worked. The hospital with the lowest Total Recordable Incident Rate in each group will receive an OHA Annual Occupational Safety Award.

The deadline to join the Safety Campaign is March 15. There is no fee for hospitals to participate. 

New this year, OHA will use the 2018 data from your OSHA 300A Summary Report or PERRP form to calculate the Total Recordable Incident Rate for each hospital. This rate takes into consideration work-related incidents that include the total number of deaths, total cases with days away from work, cases with job transfer or restriction, and total number of other recordable cases. In the past,the total days away from workwas the only factor used in calculating the comparable rate. The Total Recordable Incident Rate is a more comprehensive assessment of your occupational safety program effectiveness.

All hospitals will be classified into one of six groups based ona range of total hours worked. The hospital with the lowest Total Recordable Incident Rate in each group will receive anOHA Annual OccupationalSafety Award. If there is a tie, the DART Rate (Days Away, Restrictions, and Transfers) isthe tie breaker. All ratesare calculated based on the data submitted on your OSHA 300A summary report or PERRP form. These are the same reports you have been submitting every year. Based on this analysis, there will be a total of six group winners.

Each group winner will be recognized at the Safety Leadership Council luncheon held during the OHA Annual Meetingat the Hilton Easton onTuesday June 4. Group winners that participate in the OHA Benchmarking Program are eligible to win the prestigious OHA William C. Kelley Award for excellence in Occupational Safety and Health. OHA issuesa news release to media outlets and poststhenames of winners on the OHA website.

To join submit a copy of your OSHA Form 300A Summary Report (s) or PERRP Form (s) to Sharon Corkrean by March 15. All data will be kept confidential.

Questions? Contact Sharon Corkrean