Los Angeles Women Talk Man Out of Suicide After Watching OHA Speaker Kevin Hines on CNN

Two friends, Jen Principe and Toni Musso, did not expect to save a life on their way to dinner and a concert in Los Angeles last month, but after seeing a man preparing to jump off of a freeway overpass, they jumped into action. The pair says watching Kevin Hines’ suicide survival story a few days prior on CNN, encouraged them to get involved. Hines shared his story in June with attendees at OHA’s 104th Annual Meeting.

Principe and Musso, who were driving by when they spotted the man, pulled off the highway and helped him back onto the ground. He was later taken to the hospital for observation.

Principe says if she had not seen Kevin Hines’ survival story interview with CNN about his leap off the Golden Gate Bridge 19 years ago, she probably would not have pulled over to physically help the man to safety.

OHA was honored to have Hines share his story as a keynote speaker at the 2019 OHA Annual Meeting. He shared his story, mental health awareness, suicide prevention and society’s responsibility to look out for each other. Throughout his message, he urged people to not be bystanders, but instead to act immediately if they see someone in distress.