Nationwide Children's Hospital Implements Energy-Saving Programs

Nationwide Children’s Hospital Aug. 17 received Energy Star Certification for its campus from the Department of Energy after achieving a score of 78. This score demonstrates Nationwide Children’s is more efficient than 78% of peer hospitals. Nationwide Children’s has spent many years pursuing energy efficiency projects at its facilities and in new construction.
Since 2015, the campus has improved its Energy Star score by more than 40 points. When compared to a hospital of similar size with average efficiency, Nationwide Children’s spends about $450,000 per year less on energy.
Some highlights of projects implemented:
  • Campus-wide LED lighting retrofits
  • Occupancy-based operating room setbacks
  • Smart kitchen hood exhaust controls
  • High efficiency chillers replaced inefficient chillers in Outpatient Care and Education Buildings
  • Chilled water plant controls optimizations in the Power House, Livingston Ambulatory Center and Clinical Expansion building.
  • VAV controls optimizations throughout the campus
The Nationwide Children’s campus is currently undergoing major expansion. Several new facilities were recently opened on the west campus including a new data and conference center, a new energy plant and a behavioral health building. These facilities are constructed to be significantly more efficient than current energy code and efforts were made to recycle nearly all construction waste. Other facilities in the construction phase include a new research building and surgical center. These facilities will have several energy efficiency features including smart lab exhaust systems, OR setbacks and daylighting controls.