Non-Essential Surgeries, Procedures on Hold to Conserve PPE

Gov. Mike DeWine on Monday announced restrictions on non-essential surgeries and procedures. As Ohio braces for the surge of COVID-19 patients, the state and nation face a dire shortage of personal protective equipment. Accordingly, very difficult decisions are being made to preserve PPE. See the governor's order here.

OHA realizes these new rules will negatively impact our member hospitals. But we believe it is the right thing to do.

We are committed to working with the state and federal governments and private payers to mitigate the impact on our member hospitals and to exploring ways to address the financial strain this change puts on all hospitals.

Guidance for Hospitals, Other Surgery Providers

Here is guidance developed by OHA for member hospitals and other surgery providers to implement the state's order for the management of non-essential surgeries and procedures throughout Ohio.

See the governor’s announcement here and comments from Mike Abrams, OHA president and CEO, and Andy Thomas, MD, chief clinical officer at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, on how the guidance was developed. Additionally, the plans in place and hospitals’ overall ability to manage a surge in COVID-19 patients was reviewed in the news conference.

ODH reported at Monday's news conference with the governor that Ohio has received its allotment of PPE from the federal emergency stockpile. ODH is working through the regional health coordinators to allocate those materials.