OHA, Ohio Chamber Oppose Nurse Overtime Legislation

The Ohio Hospital Association on Wednesday testified in opposition to H.B 144, a bill that would prohibit a hospital from requiring a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse to work overtime as a condition of continued employment. OHA, speaking on behalf of our member hospitals, believes the legislation is unnecessary because government mandates already exist to ensure hospitals have safe nurse staffing plans in place. The Ohio Revised Code requires hospitals to submit their nurse staffing plans to the Ohio Department of Health and for the plans to be made available to the public.

James Guliano, OHA’s vice president, Quality Programs, who has 33 years of experience as a nurse and nurse manager, said in his testimony, “Patient care needs are based upon patient condition that legislation is not able to predict or control,” Guliano continued. “Since patient care needs continually fluctuate, hospital staffing needs also fluctuate to adequately and safely address those needs, especially when the timing of patient care is of the essence.”

The Ohio Chamber of Commerce also opposed the bill stating “hospitals should be free from burdensome government regulations or mandates on their employment practices that fail to consider what is practical or makes sense for each individual hospital. Likewise, we believe employment practices are best addressed in labor negotiations between individual companies and their workers instead of using a one size fits all legislative mandate.”