Ohio Patient Safety Institute Celebrates 20th Anniversary

OHA partnered with the Ohio State Medical Association and the Ohio Osteopathic Association in 2001 to establish the Ohio Patient Safety Institute, or OPSI, to advance effective practices in patient safety for health care providers to learn and grow as they deliver health care to patients.

A 20th anniversary celebration is traditionally celebrated with a gift of china to symbolize achieving a delicate and elegant relationship that was built after 20 years together. Looking back on the last two decades, OPSI participants say the organization has truly become a community of caregivers, clinical leaders, patient advocates and partners supporting the safety of all patients.

OPSI’s mission came alive when OHA, OSMA and partners convened to develop the strategy, programming and initiatives that would set new standards of care for Ohio and push the frontier of patient safety innovation. OPSI’s key attributes are education, recognition and programs.

A hallmark of OPSI is patient engagement and emphasizing the importance of the relationship between providers, patients and their families. Everyone in the health care process plays a role in delivering safe care, and, by uniting together and sharing that common goal, providers and families can make a difference in patient safety. OPSI’s achievements include the creation of an Ohio Surgical Verification Protocol, statewide standardization of patient wristband colors and the distribution of low-literacy medication safety materials.

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality in 2009 designated OPSI a Patient Safety Organization, the first organization in Ohio to receive this federal designation. The Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act of 2005 authorized the creation of Patient Safety Organizations to reduce the incidence of events that adversely affect patients. PSOs are designed to improve the quality and safety of U.S. health care by encouraging clinicians and health care organizations to report and share—voluntarily—data on patient safety events without fear of legal discovery.

To recognize health care institutions’ commitment to patient safety, OPSI launched its annual best practice award in 2009, and Dayton Children’s Hospital was the first honoree. The award, renamed to honor OPSI board member Dr. Frank Dono, recognizes outstanding efforts to improve patient safety in Ohio. OPSI presents the award to the individual or organization that has designed and implemented the most innovative, evidence-based patient safety practice in Ohio.

OPSI was instrumental in leading several statewide quality improvement initiatives from 2012-2019, including the Partnership4Patients Hospital Engagement Network resulting in improved health care quality outcomes for patients.

Today, OPSI continues its mission though the leadership of the board of directors composed of patient advocates, caregivers and health care leaders and is committed to advancing effective practices to ensure patient safety and quality in Ohio.
OPSI Achievements and Milestones:

1.         Designated a federal Patient Safety Organization (February 2009)
2.         Launched Annual Best Practice Award (11 years)
3.         Celebrates annual Patient Safety Week
4.         Provides website with Patient Safety resources and learning library
5.         Offers Patient Safety Webinar Series
6.         Established a Brown Bag Toolkit Campaign
7.         Developed Medication Safety brochures
8.         Developed patient medication cards
9.         Created inpatient safety brochure
10.       Created surgical brochure (Tips Before Surgery)
11.       Established color arm band standardization (2007)
12.       Created health care abbreviation standardization (Ohio’s first standardization)
13.       Offered Diagnostic Accuracy Series (2018-2019)
14.       Developed Ohio Surgical Verification Protocol (2004)
15.       Created Time Out dry erase boards (2004)
16.       Formed CLABSI Collaborative (2011-2012)
17.       Formed Anticoagulation Collaborative (2009)
18.       Formed MDRO/CDI Collaborative (2011)
19.       Implemented statewide campaign - Partnership for Patients (2012 - 2020)
20.       Earned Ohio Society of Association Executives’ 2008 Achievement Award