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Be a Role Model, Keep Your Kidneys Healthy




In recognition of National Kidney Month, the National Kidney Foundation is offering free kidney health screenings during the month March through the KEEP Healthy program.
The kidneys are the body’s main source of filtering waste and performing vital functions, such as red blood cell production and blood pressure.
Over time, the kidneys can become damaged with little or no physical symptoms to warn that the kidney is in trouble. One in three Americans is at risk for developing kidney disease. The KEEP Healthy program will help you learn if you're the one.
Early detection and treatment of the following can slow or prevent the progression of kidney disease:
  • Have an annual urine or blood test if you have diabetes, high blood pressure, are over the age of 60 or have a family history of kidney failure.
  • Reduce your usage of over the counter pain medications.
  • Decrease your intake of processed foods, which have significant sources of sodium nitrates and phosphates linking back to cancer, heart disease and kidney failure.
  • Regular exercise can lower high blood pressure and blood sugar levels, slowing the progression of kidney disease.
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