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Coming Soon: Be Present Campaign Speaking Tour




Ohio’s youth suicide prevention and wellness campaign, the Be Present Campaign, this week announced a speaking tour beginning in late February. The speaking tour will take the campaign’s important mental-wellness messages to communities at the grassroots level.
A variety of speaking and event options are available a no cost. Click here for more information on hosting/attending an upcoming event. The goal of this focused outreach is to increase awareness about the campaign, its available resources and motivate both young people and adults to create positive change in their communities.
An engaging team of motivational speakers and health communications experts will be available to fan out across Ohio through late March, inspiring campaign participation with ways to get involved and take action.
The Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services joined with members of the Ohio Youth-Led Prevention Network Youth Council and Motivational Educational Entertainment Productions, Inc. to launch the Be Present campaign to promote youth suicide prevention and wellness in November 2017.
The campaign encourages young people to step up, speak out and be supportive of peers struggling with isolation, depression and other mental health issues. The Be Present campaign targets young adults from high school, through college and early adulthood through a website, social media, print ads and digital PSAs.
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