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DP&L Grants Dayton Children’s Hospital more than $280k in Energy Efficiency Rebates




Dayton Power & Light on Monday presented Dayton Children’s Hospital $283,393 in rebates for energy-saving measures that are improving the environment and saving on energy costs. The efforts are part of a broader corporate energy efficiency project based on new construction at the Dayton Children’s main campus and south campus in Springboro.

As a result of these energy efficiency new construction projects, Dayton Children’s is expected to save more than 2 million kWh annually, which accounts for a yearly cost savings of $184,685.

Dayton Children’s Hospital submitted its rebate application with the assistance of DP&L and support from the Ohio Hospital Association’s Energy & Sustainability Program.

OHA’s Energy & Sustainability program assists hospitals with energy procurement, advocacy, ENERGY STAR® benchmarking, energy audits, pollution prevention and environmentally conscious sustainability programs.

In the past five years, hospitals participating in OHA’s ENERGY STAR® benchmarking project saved enough money to hire 137 nurses and reduced their carbon footprint by an amount equivalent to taking 22,168 cars off the road or the climate benefits of 2.7 million mature trees. In 2015 Ohio hospitals saved enough energy to power 10,351 homes for a year. 

To learn more about the OHA Energy & Sustainability program, visit Contact Nolan Rutschilling with questions or for additional information.
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