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Federal Government Passes Short-term Spending Bill with Hospital Priorities




Congress early this morning passed a short-term spending deal that includes a number of provisions of critical interest to hospitals and health systems. The Senate voted 71-28 and the House voted 240-186 to pass the bill. President Donald Trump signed the bill shortly after, ending a brief government shutdown that started at midnight when current funding expired.
Highlights of the health-care related provisions in the bill include:
  • Extends funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program for an additional four years on top of the six years included in the last continuing resolution
  • Delays the Medicaid Disproportionate Share Hospital payments scheduled for FYs 2018 and 2019
  • Extends funding for the Low-volume Adjustment Program for five years, with some modifications
  • Extends funding for the Medicare-dependent Hospital program for five years
  • Repeals the Independent Payment Advisory Board
  • Repeals permanently the Medicare payment caps for outpatient physical, speech language, and occupational therapy services
For a full list of provisions in the bill, please see the AHA’s Special Bulletin.
The bill also includes additional funding for military and nonmilitary programs and disaster relief and raises the debt ceiling. These changes are not paid for with any additional cuts to payments to health care providers.
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