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Fight the Bite: Protect Yourself Against Ticks, Mosquitos




As Ohioans spend more time outdoors with the arrival of warm weather, the Ohio Department of Health is urging people to take precautions to prevent bites from ticks and mosquitos and the diseases they may carry.
Most diseases in Ohio that are caused by the bite of infected ticks and mosquitos happen between spring and fall when they are most active during warmer months. The most common diseases caused by tick bites in Ohio include Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. There were 270 Lyme disease cases and 34 Rocky Mountain spotted fever cases reported in Ohio last year. The most common diseases caused by mosquito bites in Ohio include West Nile virus and La Crosse virus. There were 34 West Nile virus cases including five deaths, and 13 La Crosse virus cases reported in Ohio last year.
ODH provides several prevention resources and tips for avoiding bites on its website at and
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