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NHRA Highlights Challenges that Rural Skilled Nursing Providers Face




According to the National Rural Health Association skilled nursing facilities are facing operational, clinical and financial challenges that are unique to or intensified by their size and location. One of their biggest challenges proves to be providing access to physicians and other ancillary services, especially specialty services.

The group says that patient-to-primary care physician ratio for these facilities currently stands at 39.8 per 100,000 people, compared to 53.3 in urban areas.

Solutions for the specific challenges of rural skilled nursing facilities include focusing on staffing, revenue solutions and partnerships. A NRHA policy brief highlights the vital role physician assistants play in ensuring access to care in rural areas. The brief states that because 15 percent of PAs already practice in rural areas nationwide, they’re positioned to “make an immediate and substantial impact on the supply of care” — except laws and regulations are getting in the way.
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