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OHA’s Ryan Biles Assumes New Role as Executive Vice President




As the association leads 220 member hospitals through volatile shifts in health care economic policy, OHA’s Health Economics & Policy team lead Ryan Biles will assume greater leadership responsibilities as executive vice president beginning Oct. 6.
Biles, who has served as senior vice president of Health Economics & Policy at OHA since 2012, takes on additional responsibilities leading OHA’s Data and Patient Safety and Quality teams as well as Public Affairs. Biles works directly with hospital and health system leadership throughout Ohio on Medicare and Medicaid policy and health care finance.
“The economic aspects of health care delivery are evolving at an accelerating pace. Ryan’s leadership has never been more important to our membership than it is today given the heightened policy debates with monumental financial implications facing our members,” said Mike Abrams, OHA President and CEO. “Integrating our significant analytics capabilities and communications outreach within Ryan’s responsibilities positions OHA to best meet the broad needs of our member hospitals.”
Biles said this about his new role: “Economic sustainability, advocacy and patient safety and quality are the core strategic objectives OHA pursues for our members, and I look forward to expanding my role within OHA’s operations in these additional areas. In the 103 years of our association, our industry likely has not experienced as much change as it has the past few years. And the pace is only going to get faster.”
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