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To further assist Ohio Hospital Association member hospitals with staffing shortages and increasing recruitment costs, OHA Solutions offers a cost-effective recruitment solution that helps combat workforce shortages, reduces third-party agencies, replaces ineffective forms of advertising and provides a direct link to quality health care professionals. 

Through, participating OHA members can promote current job openings and allow prospective candidates to apply to the hospital that best fits her/his experience, specialty and interest.

Key Benefits of 
  • Exposure through the OHA Solution’s site and the national network
  • Individually branded profile pages for hospitals, medical centers and health system participants
  • Health care applicants apply directly into a hospital’s application tracking system
  • Targeted marketing to career centers at state universities and colleges that produce health care graduates
  • Tracks all jobs, profile views and apply clicks for each posting
  • Annual cost of participation is comparable to one weekend advertisement in a local newspaper for an unlimited amount of job postings

For additional information, please contact OHA Solution’s Staffing Program Manager Amy Bangert at or 614-221-7614. Follow on Twitter and Facebook.
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