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Legislator Spotlight

A look at what’s driving Ohio policymakers inside and outside the statehouse and highlights from hospital visits happening across the state.


Legislator Spotlight: State Rep. Stephen Huffman, MD


This Legislator Spotlight features a personal look at freshman legislator Stephen Huffman, MD. Rep. Huffman (R-Tipp City) is the chair of the newly created Ohio Healthcare Efficiencies Study Committee, which is hosting four hearings across the state to explore topics related to health care delivery in Ohio and discuss how the f Read More . . .

Legislator Spotlight: State Sen. David Burke


For this “Legislator Spotlight” feature, the OHA Advocacy team sat down with Ohio State Senator Dave Burke (R) - District 26 to learn more about his background in public service, experience as a pharmacist and small business owner and the most motivating factors in his work. Senator Burke represents Ohio’s 26t Read More . . .

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