Safe Sleep Hospital Initiative

This Side UpTo help align and coordinate Ohio hospitals’ support of safe sleep practices, OHA’s Safe Sleep is Good4Baby campaign positions hospitals’ health care workers and clinical experts as leaders and advocates of the American Academy of Pediatrics and Ohio Department of Health recommendations for safe infant sleep.

With their interactions with new parents and infant caregivers, hospitals’ staff can promote a uniform message and guidance about infant safe sleep environments and provide the necessary support to reduce infant mortality in Ohio.

Many factors influence infant mortality, but in Ohio each year more than 15 percent of infant deaths are sleep-related. The American Academy of Pediatrics and the Ohio Department of Health recommend that all infants sleep alone, on their backs and in a crib – every time they are placed to sleep – to reduce these unfortunate tragedies.

Model Safe Sleep 

Patient Education & Community Outreach 

Additional Information

Model Safe Sleep:

Adopt, implement & audit internal safe sleep policies

Research has shown that patients model behavior after health care providers, therefore it is imperative to ensure that all infant units follow AAP recommendations for safe sleep.

Article: Safe Infant Sleep Interventions: What is the Evidence for Successful Behavior Change? - Current Pediatric Review (2016)


Education & Community Outreach:

BF-SS-Poster.JPGProvide counseling and education to new parents and their families and friends about the importance of safe sleep.

  • Ask all new parents to acknowledge they have received information about safe sleep:
  • Aid in identifying patients that don’t have access to a crib and assist them in identifying resources.  (Cribs for Kids)
    • OHA has partnered with ODH to create an interactive map of the ODH-funding supported Cribs for Kids locations in Ohio. Click here to view the map
    • For other programs and to find local partners, click here

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