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OHA SOS Partners

Increasing sepsis awareness among first responders and pre-hospital providers and building a coalition of clinical professional partners is critical to achieving our goal.

More than 80 percent of sepsis cases begin outside of the hospital.

These cases represent opportunities for people in the community and non-hospital providers to recognize the signs of sepsis before it can cause life-threatening illness or death. 

We are asking first responders and providers at all levels of care to partner in this initiative.

Benefits of partnership

  • Save lives
  • Access to tools and resources
  • Shared insight to effective practices and evidenced-based research
  • Collaboration across the continuum of care

What's expected?

  • Commit to raising awareness about the signs of sepsis
  • Provide education within your organization and community 

How do I sign up?

Complete the form below to receive additional information about the OHA SOS partnership:

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Signs of Sepsis

Recognizing the signs of sepsis is the first step to promoting early identification of sepsis.
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