Sepsis Awareness Month 
SEP for Sepsis.
SEP for September.

World Sepsis Day (September 13) is a concept developed by the Global Sepsis Alliance, and operated as a collaborative effort with other organizations and individuals. 

The Ohio Hospital Association is proud to join the Sepsis Alliance and other international and local health care and community organizations to promote Sepsis Awareness Month. There is a community need to bring more attention to sepsis prevention, a serious infection that is difficult to predict, diagnose, and treat.

Patients who develop sepsis have an increased risk of complications and death and face higher health care costs and longer treatment. While efforts towards education for both the public and health care professionals are maintained throughout the year, having a dedicated Sepsis Awareness Month allows for organizations and facilities to organize activities for their staff, and for supporters to make a concentrated effort on spreading information about sepsis.


OHA's Statewide Sepsis Prevention Campaign - under the leadership of OHA's Insitute for Health Innovation, OHA launched a quality improvement campaign to reduce severe sepsis and septic shock by 30 percent in Ohio by 2017. More than 70 hospitals have joined this effort. Click here to learn more.

World Sepsis Day

September 13 is World Sepsis Day. Marked each year on the same day, it is hoped that international awareness of sepsis will increase as more countries and facilities in these countries make efforts to ensure that sepsis is treated as a medical emergency.

Every year, activities from awareness events to medical conferences are held around the world to educate both the general public and healthcare professionals about sepsis.

Click here for Sepsis Day toolkits.

Health Care Professional Resources

  • Set up tables or booths in their facility with sepsis information for both visitors and staff.
  • Promote Sepsis Awareness Month in employee communications, newsletters, and intranet
  • Participate in the Sepsis Alliance Photo Challenge - post on Instagram or Twitter a photo of you, your colleagues, or your facility raising sepsis awareness, marking it with #SAM2015 #ohiohospitals

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