9th Annual Quality Summit - Poster Session Abstracts

These abstracts highlight Best Practices from around the state of Ohio, and we thank them for their commitment to quality and their willingness to share.


Presenters & Authors

Poster Title/Abstract


Akron Children's Hospital

Judith M. Lewis, DNP, APRN, CRNA; Anne B. Moss, MSN, RN, CEN, NEA-BC “A Difficult Airway Cart and Team: We Should Have Known that Trauma Patients Could Lose Their Airways During a CT Scan” Patient Safety

Aultman Hospital

Amy Hiner, BA, MSN, RN-BC, ACNS-BC; Jerrod Plotts, MSN, RN, CCRN-CSC “Oral Care: Everywhere!” Patient Care

Aultman Orrville Hospital

Beth Chenevey RN, BSN, CCRN; Loretta Raff, RN, BSN; Tara Snyder, MSN, RNC-EFM “An Educational Strategy to Improve Nurse Competence during Rapid Response and Code Blue Events in a Rural Hospital” Education

Bellevue Hospital

Pattie Adams, RN; Sara Brokaw, RN, MSN; Michelle Garcia, RN; Marianne Schoen; JoAnn Ventura, BA; Terry Webb “Managing Aggressive Behavior at the Bellevue Hospital” Patient Care

Case Western Reserve University, Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing

Aniko Kukla, DNP, RN, CPNP-PC; Meghan Ramic, BSN, RN, CPHQ; Mary A. Dolansky, PhD, RN; Mary Jo Krivanek, RN, MPA “Academic-Clinical Partnerships to Improve the Quality and Safety of Medication Reconciliation” Patient Safety

Cleveland Clinic

Fran Hober, MBA, CPHQ, HACP; Michael Phelan, MD; Edmunds Z. Reineks, MD, PhD; Annemarie Kovachs, RN; Karen Regotti, RN; Paul Mcclintock, EMT-P; Shaw Murphy, BSPH, EMT-P; Cinnamon Dixon, BA “Reducing Hemolysis in the Emergency Department” Patient Care

Dayton Children's Hospital

Karen Beekman, MS, RNC-NIC, NNP-BC “Global Nasopharyngeal Culture Surveillance Decreases Hospital Acquired Infections in the NICU Setting” Health Care-Associated Infections

Fairview Hospital

Janet Pier, RN, MSN, CPHQ; Gwen Print, RN, MSN; Dena Greer, RT “Door to Balloon ED Bypass for Code Crimson Patients” Patient Care

Fisher-Titus Medical Center

Julie Fisher, RN, BSN, CPHQ; Mary Helton, MA-CCC, SLP “Can Leveraging the Electronic Medical Record Effect Compliance with Dysphagia Screening?” Patient Care

Hillcrest Hospital

Rose Ponyik, MSN, RN, CCM, CIC; Samantha Connelly; Kathy Saffron; Linda Pasek; Kathleen Kennedy; Amy Graves “Hillcrest Hospital: CAUTI Reduction in an Intensive Care Unit” Health Care-Associated Infections
Melissa Richardson, MSN, RN, SCRN “Redesigning the Information Highway - Using Video to Improve Nurse Satisfaction with Patients’ Transitions from the Emergency Department to the Neuroscience Unit” Patient Care

Licking Memorial Hospital

Heather Burkhart, RN; Greg Wallis; Ken Justice; Ben Broyles, OTR/L “30-Day Readmissions – COPD” Readmissions

Lutheran Hospital

Christine M. Rose, BSN, RN, CMSRN, CIC “Engaging Caregivers to Embrace Hand Hygiene Strategies & Promote a Just Culture” Hand Hygiene

Marietta Memorial Hospital

Terri L. Adams, MSN, RN; Jennifer Meek, MSN, RN; Michelle E. Brown, MSN, RN; Sherri Weekley, RN “Reducing Sepsis Mortality” Sepsis
Terri L. Adams, MSN, RN; Jennifer Meek, MSN, RN; Michelle E. Brown, MSN, RN; Sherri Weekley, RN “Think Pink Campaign for Fall Prevention” Hospital-Acquired Conditions

Marymount Hospital

Joy R. Frame, MSN, RN “Hand Hygiene Performance Improvement Program” Hand Hygiene

Medina Hospital

Ann Marie Flannery, BSN, RN; Karen Pressler, RN “Putting a ‘STOP’ to Patient Falls with Injury” Hospital-Acquired Conditions

Memorial Hospital

Teri Heard RN, MSN, CNL; Amy Stephens RN, MBA; Cassandra Wallace “Behavioral Health and De-Escalation Training” Patient Care

Mount Carmel Health System

Leslie Vollman, RN; Joyce Bogan; Dave McCready, MAS; Melissa K. Metiva, BSN, RN; Tricia Wise; Mark Hackman, MD “Decreasing Heart Failure (HF) and Acute MI (AMI) 30 Day Readmissions” Readmissions
Kevin Linnevers, RHIA; Leslie Vollman, RN; Martha Reigel, MD “Improving the Documentation of Patient Safety Indicator 15 (PSI 15) – Accidental Puncture or Lacerations MCHS” Patient Safety

Mount Carmel New Albany

Karen Blair, BSN, RN; Amy Barienbrock, BSN, RN, CPAN; Gina Matthias, MSA, BSN, RN “Rapid Patient Transfers from a Surgical Hospital to an Acute Care Center” Patient Care

Mount Carmel West

Mary Hartley, BSN, RN; Karla Miklos, BSN, RNC; Brandon Pollak, MD; Binay Eapen, MD; Signe Gilbert, MS, RN, NE-BC; Herit Vachhani, MD “Combined Nursing and Physician Led Telemetry Utilization Quality Improvement Project in a Tertiary Care Hospital” Patient Care

Nationwide Children's Hospital

Mike Fetzer; Stephanie Stack-Simone, BA, BS, CIC; Rhonda Humphrey, RN, MSN; Linda Stoverock, RN, DNP, NEA-BC; Jonathan I. Groner, MD “Pediatric Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection Reduction - An Achievable Goal” Health Care-Associated Infections


Inga M. Zadvinskis, PhD, RN; Kathryn A. Crea, Pharm.D, BCPS, CPPS; Pamela J. Salsberry, PhD, RN, FAAN; Esther M. Chipps, PhD, RN, NEA-BC; Emily S. Patterson, PhD; Laura A. Szalacha, PhD “Contributing Factors to Patient Safety and Adverse Events” Patient Safety
Robyn Lutz, BSN, RN; Kathryn Livisay, BSN, RN; Angela M. Taylor, BSW, RN; Mary Ann G. Abiado, PhD, MSN, RN “Postpartum Nurses as Essential Team Members in Efficacy-Based Contraceptive Education” Education

OhioHealth Grant Medical Center

Shelly Hall, MSN, RN; Louis Tejada, BSN, RN, CCRN, CEN “There Is No Silver Bullet to Fix Falls: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Change Culture” Leadership
Lisa Long, MBA, BSN, RN, CPHQ; Michelle Lucki, MSN, BSN, RN “Moving the Needle on Rates of Perioperative Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) & Pulmonary Embolus (PE): Quality Improvement Project” Hospital-Acquired Conditions
Colette M. Wolf, MSN, RN, CPPS “Multidisciplinary Approach to Achieve High Reliability in the Prevention of Suicide on Inpatient Units” Patient Safety
Marianne Marinelli, MSN, RNC, CLC; Kimberly Price, BSN, IBCLC; Karen Taylor, BSN, CLC; Jessica Reeves, RNC, CLC; Cathy Young, BSN, RNC, CLC; Apurwa Naik, MD; Richard Moraille, MD; Anthony Theile, DO “Safe Sleep: It's not a ‘Blanket’ Statement” Patient Safety

OhioHealth Mansfield Hospital

Coleen Mast, RN, MS “Performance Improvement and Management of Sepsis” Sepsis

OhioHealth Marion General Hospital

Stephanie Ralph Dunn, BSN, RN; Sarah Clevenger, RN “Look. Check. Connect.  Efforts to Prevent Catheter and Tubing Misconnections” Patient Care

Pomerene Hospital

Gina Miller, BSN, RN; Nicole Kolacz, DNP, MBA, RN, NE-BC “A Journey to a Culture of Patient Safety” Leadership
Jan Fuchs, PhD; Nicole Kolacz, DNP, MBA, RN, NE-BC “A Patient Satisfaction Improvement Initiative” Leadership
Toni Mishler, RNC-MNN; William Alford, DO “Decreasing HSV-1 Reactivation in the Obstetrical Surgical Population” Patient Care
Fran Lauriha, BSN, RN, CEN; J. Craig Miller, MS, SHRM-SCP, SPHR “Emergency Department Door to Physician Time—A Lean Six Sigma Project” Patient Care
Kathy Snyder, RN; Jennifer Kaiser, RN; Allison Sommers, RN “Hospital to Home - Rural Hospital Care Transition Program” Patient Care
Julia Klink, RN “Huddle Up! The Value of a Daily Staff Chat” Patient Care
Teresa Balder, BSRS, RT “Lean Six Sigma: Mammography Same Day Resulting” Patient Care
Gina Miller, BSN, RN; Fran Lauriha, BSN, RN, CEN “Sepsis: Helping Patients Survive” Sepsis
Kimberly Miller, BSN, RN “Wait, Wait! Early Elective Delivery Improvement” Patient Care

ProMedica Toledo Hospital

Nicole Justus, RN, MSN; Cheryl Gomez, RN, BSN “The 4th Meeting Pilot: Serious Safety Event Feedback for Front Line Staff” Patient Safety

Salem Regional Medical Center

Lyn Pethtel, BS, SM (ASCP), RN, CIC “Sepsis—Time is Tissue!” Sepsis

South Pointe Hospital

Rachelle DeCastro RN, BSN; Joelle Hall; Melanie Madorsky, PharmD “Evaluation of a Pharmacy-Managed Warfarin Consult Service in Community Hospital” Patient Care

Southwest General Health Center

Olga Zirka, PharmD; Joshua Unsworth, PharmD, BCPS; Colleen Gazzillo, RN
“Implementation of a Pharmacist-Driven Pain Management Service for Patients at High Risk for Respiratory Depression” Patient Care

Summa Health System

Sue Fosnight, RPh, CGP, BCPS; Evan P. Deighan, BSN, RN; Jacqueline R. Ewald, PharmD, BCPS; John L. Feucht II, RPh, MBA; Amy E. Johnson, MSN, RN, ACCNS-AG, CCRN; Ron R. Jones, MD; Philip K. King, PharmD, BCPS; Dorcas Letting-Mangira, PharmD, RPh “An Interdisciplinary Process for Transitions” Patient Care

The Christ Hospital Health Network

Brenda Johnson, BSN, RN, CPAN, CPHQ; Victoria Roelker, RRT; Kimberly Latham, BSN, RN, CCRN; Tamera Bird, BSN, RN, CCRN; Joyce Burke, BSN, BES, RN, CPAN, NE-BC “Obstructive Sleep Apnea: A Multidisciplinary Team Approach to Significantly Reduce Respiratory Complications and ICU Admissions” Patient Care

University of Cincinnati Medical Center

Courtney Hamilton, RN, MSN “Bringing Safe Sleep Practices into a Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU): A Quality Improvement Project” Patient Safety


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