OPSI is dedicated to improving patient safety in Ohio. The Institute is a subsidiary of the Ohio Health Council, which was founded by the Ohio Hospital Association, the Ohio State Medical Association, and the Ohio Osteopathic Association. Through this collaboration and common effort, OPSI has the ability to work with more 180 hospitals and 9,000 physicians in Ohio to improve patient safety for all Ohioans.


The Ohio Patient Safety Institute is the leader and catalyst in developing and transforming health care into a reliable, safe delivery system.

Patient Safety Organization

OPSI was designated by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality as a Patient Safety Organization in February 2009. OPSI is the first organization in Ohio to receive federal designation. The federal designation allows OPSI legal authority to collect medical error data from Ohio hospitals without subjecting individual data to unintended use as evidence in medical malpractice lawsuits. Hospital participation with a Patient Safety Organization is voluntary. 

Board of Trustees and Committees

OPSI's Board of Trustees is composed of a multi-disciplinary team of health care professionals through out the state of Ohio. The members of the Board are committed to increasing patient safety through their participation with OPSI and in their own organizations. OPSI is also composed of two committees of health care professionals that drive patient safety education, collaboration and communication.



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