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OHA Regional Quality Collaboratives

OHA's Quality Programs team oversees all the association's quality and patient safety initiatives, including the regional and statewide hospital collaboratives. Around Ohio, groups of OHA member hospitals have formed collaborative relationships designed to improve the quality of care delivered in their regions of the state. Each region is unique, with specific cultural differences and health care issues which the collaboratives work to address.

OHA's Regional Quality Collaboratives

OHA is one of the first state hospital associations to focus members, staff and other resources by addressing safety and quality issues, particularly at the regional level. OHA has long fueled regional collaboratives and other hospital efforts with data, education and expertise forging a long history of convening hospital members and other partners to identify opportunities, provide viable solutions and spread the resulting practices across the state.        

OHA's Quality Programs team is proud to offer three regional quality collaboratives throughout Ohio including: Central Ohio, Northeast Ohio and Northwest Ohio. Participants in the regional quality collaboratives convene in formal meetings chaired by hospital leaders at least quarterly, or more often. Hospital data is collected, analyzed, presented and monitored. Evidence-based education programs are provided  and address identified topics of interest and need. The exchange of resources and tools is facilitated and encouraged.

​In addition to improving safety and quality in each region, collaboratives which demonstrate success in addressing an issue of concern share their effective practices with other regions. This “cross-collaboration” demonstrates the true power of these groups to bring the tools and knowledge of proven, successful improvements in quality and safety to patients around the state. The program design for “members helping members” ensures that every quality and safety success model is maximized to the entire state’s fullest benefit.

Join a Quality Collaborative

To join a regional quality collaborative, please contact OHA's Vice President of Quality Programs James Guliano.