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Opioid Data Collaborative

The OHA Opioid Data Collaborative's purpose is to organize data sharing projects between and among member hospitals for various public health initiatives. As a participant in the collaborative, hospitals can participate in individual data sharing projects to help improve patient safety and quality. 

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Opioid Prescription Benchmarking

The Opioid Prescription Benchmarking project will help hospitals and health systems impact opioid prescribing within their employed, contracted and affiliated physicians and other prescribers, by providing benchmarked reports on opioid prescribing patterns for use in their internal processes at the affiliated hospitals and health systems.

Data Specification (FAQs can be found on page 2.) 
Hospital ID List (starting on page 27)

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Data Collection Due Dates
Quarter Date Ranges Submission Due on or Before
First Jan. - March (1/1-3/31) June 15
Second April - June (4/1 - 6/30) Sept. 15
Third July - Sept. (7/1-9/30) Dec. 15
Fourth Oct. - Dec. (10/1-12/31) March 15

Please Note: the first data submission should include all data from 1/1/2016 through the current quarter.

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