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Ohio Hospitals Community Benefit

Ohio hospitals collaborate to support communities by:hospital-symbol.jpg
  • Providing high-quality and compassionate care
  • Creating and sustaining jobs
  • Improving health outcomes
  • Ensuring access to affordable care
  • Advancing health education and research
  • Responding to community-specific needs
Ohio hospitals focus on patient education and engagement to make our communities healthier, safer and more productive.


Ohio hospitals invested more than $3 billion in community benefit activities to improve the health of the local citizens, neighborhoods and communities they serve in 2016, up from $1.54 billion prior to the expansion of Medicaid eligibility. 

Clinical/community research

Free/discounted prescriptions

Health profession education

Immunization clinics

Community health education

Health screenings

Meals and nutrition services

Family support services


Every Ohio hospital has a discount policy based on a patient's income and often provide reduced or free services. Hospitals also provide free basic care to the indigent or uninsured through the Hospital Care Assurance Program. 

In 2016, Ohio hospitals provided $458 million in charity care.


Ohio hospitals generates more than $29 billion annually in economic impact, supporting more than 255,000 direct jobs and $17.7 billion in direct wages in 2016.


Read Ohio's patient success stories. Access to health care coverage helps Ohioans and our state be helathier and more productive.

From Homeless to Healthy, to Work

Each year, the Mount Carmel Mobile Medical Coach and Street Medicine team encounters and supports more than 800 homeless individuals—Roger Monk being one of them. 

Dr. Jack O'Handley, Medical Director of Mount Carmel Outreach, first encountered Roger at a homeless camp in Columbus. And since that first meeting, Roger's life has changed significantly with the help of the Mount Carmel Street Medicine and Outreach team, and even more so, from Medicaid expansion.

Removal of barriers by Medicaid, such as access to medication and care, has truly served to improve Roger's quality of life and very possibly has saved his life in the past three years. Today, Roger has housing, a job and most importantly, improved health and well-being.

This collection features stories of individuals throughout the state who have benefited from the extension of coverage through Medicaid expansion or from their local hospitals’ community benefit and population health outreach programs. Access the story bank>>> 

To read the community benefit reports of individual hospitals, click here.
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