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Ohio Patient Safety Institute

Welcome to thhomepage for the Ohio Patient Safety Institute. OPSI is dedicated to improving patient safety in Ohio. The Institute was founded by the Ohio Hospital Association, the Ohio State Medical Association, and the Ohio Osteopathic Association. Through this collaboration and common effort, OPSI has the ability to work with more 180 hospitals and 9,000 physicians in Ohio to improve patient safety for all Ohioans. 


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Tools and Resources

OPSI is committed to empowering practitioners and equipping them with the tools and resources necessary to enhance their work in providing the best possible outcomes for patients. In addition, OPSI also provides a variety of patient resources to help patients navigate the health care system, prepare for a hospital stay and learn about medication and prevention.

For those hospitals and systems interested in learning more about the OPSI Patient Safety Organization, click here.

Ohio Patient Safety Institute Best Practice Award

Congratulations to Summa Health, winner of the 2017 OPSI Frank Dono, MD Best Practice Award. This will be awarded at the OHA Quality Summit on June 14.

OPSI presents the award to the individual or organization that has designed and implemented the most innovative, evidence-based patient safety practice in Ohio. Conceived by OPSI’s Board of Trustees, the goals of this award are to recognize outstanding efforts among Ohio health care providers who:

  • Improve patient safety
  • Develop innovative programs to improve patient safety
  • Create best practices that other Ohio health care providers may adopt/adapt
  • Develop a culture of collaboration that improves patient safety
To see more about the winners, get more information about the award, and tips on submitting and previous winners can be found on the Best Practices page.

Monthly Resource

Vector-borne diseases

Vector-borne diseases account for more than 17% of all infectious diseases.  Vectors are living organisms that can transmit diseases between humans or from animals to humans. Mosquitoes and ticks are the best known disease vectors in Ohio.  Mosquitoes carry West Nile Virus, St Louis encephalitis and other diseases in our area and Zika in the southernmost part of the US.  Ticks are responsible for Lyme disease in Ohio. Avoiding the bite of the mosquito or tick is the key to prevention. 

  • Wear protective clothing – long sleeves, pants and socks
  • Use an EPA-registered repellant. Follow the directions on the label
  • On children, use products that have no more than 10% DEET
  • For mosquitoes, drain your yard of standing water and change birdbaths weekly
  • For ticks, conduct a full-body tick check after being outdoors. Examine pets and clothes as well
  • Remove ticks by pulling tick straight up and out with tweezers

Flu Season Free Webinar

In observance of National Immunization Awareness Month, OPSI hosted a free hour-long webinar on Aug. 27, 2015 to discuss the latest recommendations regarding influenza and vaccines. The webinar featured a panel of experts:  Watch "OPSI Influenza Panel Discussion: What healthcare workers should know about influenza and vaccine recommendations," here.

Upcoming Events

Each session will be one hour in length beginning at 11:30 a.m. Eastern Time. For more information, click here
Registration information can be found here.
June 8th
Reduction of Insulin Related Adverse Events  
Manmohan Kamboj, MD, Interim Chief of the Department of Endocrinology
Jenna Merandi, PharmD, BS, CPPS, Medication Safety Coordinator
Erin Ahrens, RN, Clinical Informatics Application Engineer
Nationwide  Children’s Hospital
September 7th
Pediatric Catheter Associated UTI Reduction
Jonathan I. Groner, MD
Rhonda Humphrey, RN, MSN
Stephanie Stack-Simone, BA, BS, CIC
Michael Fetzer, BSISE
Nationwide  Children’s Hospital 

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