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State Budget

Every two years, the governor and Ohio General Assembly work to develop the budget for the state’s programs and various state agencies.

This deliberative process is an ideal opportunity to promote hospitals and health systems as policymakers evaluate and decide on how best to allocate state resources and policy for health care.

Ohio’s biennial state budget impacts both health care delivery and reimbursement in our state.

2020-2021 State Budget Priorities

Gov. Mike DeWine on June 18 signed Am. Sub. HB 166, the $69 billion two-year state operating budget which achieved all four OHA member priorities of:

  • Maintaining Medicaid coverage
  • Reforming the hospital franchise fee methodology
  • Enhancing Medicaid managed care accountability
  • Maintaining Medicaid reimbursement rates

Health Care and the State Budget

There are many interest groups competing for financial resources during the state budget process. How these resources are allocated to fund health care programs, particularly Ohio Medicaid, is a top priority for OHA. 

To achieve our goal of strengthening and healing Ohio communities, OHA advocates for state budget solutions that provide sufficient reimbursement for hospitals while protecting access to health care.