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Anonymous Reporting

The Ohio Hospital Association requires OHA representatives to comply with the highest standards of conduct for individuals representing OHA and any of its subsidiary organizations. OHA representatives include OHA employees, officers, trustees, directors, members of OHA committees with Board-delegated powers and independent contractors who are authorized to act on behalf of OHA.

Submit a Report

If you believe any OHA representative has failed to comply with the OHA Standards of Conduct, please provide a description in the box below.  Your submission of this report is anonymous, unless you want to identify yourself.  If you choose to identify yourself, no adverse employment action will be taken against you based solely on your submission of the form.

All reports submitted using this form will be appropriately investigated by OHA’s legal department.  Only OHA employees with a need to know what is reported will be informed of the report, and only for the purpose of assisting with an investigation.

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