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Energy & Sustainability Program

The nationally recognized OHA Energy & Sustainability Program supports Ohio hospitals’ mission to optimize operating costs be more environmentally sustainable. In 2020, participating member hospitals achieved $8.8 million in energy savings, rebates and educational benefits from the program – all while fighting a pandemic.
Member hospitals have access to free services such as ENERGYSTAR Benchmarking, advocacy, energy rebates and energy procurement. From exploring ways to reduce energy consumption, to offsetting improvement costs with negotiated rebates, OHA’s energy experts are here to help.


On average, ENERGY STAR benchmarked hospitals save $3,000 on energy costs per bed every year. Ohio leads the nation, with 21 ENERGY STAR hospitals.

OHA’s ENERGY STAR Benchmarking Program provides the foundation for hospitals to compare progress, plan for the future and qualify for an ENERGY STAR rating. Working with our Energy team, hospitals are able to set, track and achieve their energy efficiency and sustainability goals.

In addition, benchmarked hospitals are eligible for recognition through OHA’s Energy Cup Competition — honoring hospitals that have shown the most improvement every year, based on previous energy consumption.


In 2020, participating member hospitals achieved $8.8 million in energy savings, rebates and educational benefits from the program. 

Members can:
  • Accelerate return on return on investment with OHA negotiated utility rebates
  • Save with our energy sourcing program – with OHA negotiated natural gas and electric supply contracts or consultation to make strategic purchasing decisions
  • Find future savings opportunities with our EnergyStar benchmarking Program


OHA works directly with suppliers to compare gas and electricity ratees on behalf of hospitals. Through our natural gas and electric supply contracts, members can significantly reduce energy costs — saving up to  20% on their utility bills. We also provide a wealth of options to help Ohio hospitals make strategic purchasing decisions.
Our energy sourcing program provides:

  • No-cost comparison of utility supply offers
  • Detailed market information
  • Contract review by OHA, keeping hospital-specific needs in mind
  • Continued oversight after the contract is signed

The natural gas program, established in 1998, includes a free comparison of natural gas supply offers as well as market information. Natural gas procurement, with ongoing review and collaboration, is offered in partnership with Stand Energy Corporation, an OHA Corporate Partner.


Ohio hospitals have received more than $3 million in rebates from utilities — as a result of energy-saving projects from 2010 to 2017.
OHA’s Energy Team works directly with facility directors, contractors and vendors to secure rebates from Ohio utility companies, greatly improving their return on investment for implementing initiatives that focus on conserving energy.
Our dedicated team is here to help:

  • Facilitate the opportunity to further reduce energy project costs with enhanced rebates
  • ​Determine eligibility
  • Process rebate and enhanced rebate applications


OHA’s Energy team advocates on behalf of member hospitals to assure interests are reflected in rate cases, legislation and regulatory issues at the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, the Ohio Legislature, Ohio Environmental Protection Agency and the Ohio Department of Health.
Always, the goal is to support each member hospital’s unique needs and ensure reliable power at a reasonable price.