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Amber Yors
Director, Data Applications Support


OHA, in coordination with member hospitals, developed a web-based application that allows hospitals to run customized and standard business intelligence reports.

OHA Insight

OHA Insight 2.0 was created specifically to meet the needs of planning departments, business service line managers, finance professionals, executives and quality leaders — and is built to allow variable views tailored for each user.

Insight delivers access to crucial information regarding inpatient, outpatient and emergency room data — in total over 35 million patient records per year. Hospitals can now find out where patients are going for services and what opportunities exist for growth and improvement. OHA Insight’s massive database gives you options for producing several report formats across a broad spectrum of inpatient,outpatient and emergency data within specific date ranges.

You’re always just a few clicks away from a wealth of vital information.  Insight allows for the creation of reports and data downloads from the very basic to the very complex.


What types of reports can OHA Insight generate? What do you want to know?

Find reliable strategic direction to guide your health care organization in:
  • Clinical quality control, by studying interdisciplinary performance and resource utilization trends to departmental benchmarks and physician recruitment studies
  • Overall budget planning, from operational cost assessments and resource comparisons to the payer-provider relationships that influence revenue streams
  • Growth and services planning—what services show the most promise? Is expansion necessary, feasible or even advisable? Find out here.
  • Customer relationship strengthening and management, the foundation for one of the most important aspects of every health care organization’s long-term growth

Types of OHA Insight reports you can generate:

  • Inpatient market analysis sorted by hospital, zip code, product line and/or payer
  • Inpatient market needs assessment sorted by product line and/or MS-DRG
  • Inpatient origin by zip code
  • Revenue opportunities analyses for your hospital sorted by MS-DRG, LOS, product line, payer, and/or attending physicians
  • Top 50 reasons for inpatient and/or outpatient visits to any given hospital by diagnosis code
  • Top 50 reasons for ER visits to any given hospital…and much more.
To learn more about OHA Insight or schedule a demonstration of the software system, please contact Amber Yors via email or at 614.221.7614.

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